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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Silence is Blissful

Cobble Hill is very quiet at the moment. It is Easter Sunday, and the church bells have just chimed calling the faithful to mass. I am here at my alter, the writing desk, meditating on the bliss and horror of our world.

Today it feels as if the Earth has renewed itself in an especially palpable way. I have sensations in my chakras that I’d almost forgotten over the long winter. Grief and sorrow colored, like fancy eggs, with joy and fulfillment now co-mingled as one. We have prevailed through darkness, ice, snow and rain to a rebirth of leaves and grass, sun and blue sky. The deluge has passed. It is a time for sowing. Therefore, I sow warm and loving thoughts in your hearts with this missive in hopes we may soon reap laughter and good times together, soon and through out the year fulfilling the Bacchanalian traditions of wine and song. Happy Vernal Equinox to my Pagan sisters and brothers. Happy Easter to my Christian Fellows. Happy Passover to the descendants of Abraham. Blessings upon the followers of Muhammad, Buddha, and all the deities great and small who encompass our love of life and mother Earth.

Also today I pray for TJ on his 4th birthday. This little boy is going through some rough times with his health. Please take a moment to send him good thoughts and well wishes.

At times such as this I reflect on how very fortunate I have been in my life to have met and known such awesome, wonderful people, and to have fallen in mad passionate love with all of you.

Wishing everyone the best Spring and Summer...

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