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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Watching the news this morning about confirmation of an obviously unqualified Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education who bought her way to favor and the silencing of a courageous and out spoken Elizabeth Warren on the floor of the senate leads me to the statement: welcome to the 1920’s. When lynching was legal, Fascism and Nationalism were on the rise and we were heading toward WW II.

America is not a safer place this morning, and it is not a greater place this morning. My last post talked about a movement: #NoApocalypseInOurTime. There are people in power today willing the Apocalypse of the bible into existence. We must not let that happen.

We, The Human Beings among us, are capable of withstanding even the most brutal of natural disasters. This is how God works through us. I am not sure if that is how God created us, but I do believe that is how we have evolved. We are innovative, thoughtful, compassionate, and above all, generous. The Golden Rule is our guide. So we must thwart any attempt to generate a man-made apocalypse. That is the very root of evil: Hubris. The playing of God by men.

This is not one of my sardonic jokes. I am dead serious. I have always been attentive to politics, but mostly sat on the sidelines when it came to being active.

No more. I believe strongly with the election of Donald Trump we have let slip the dogs of war and there is only one logical end to the Bannon-led government, and that is a nuclear winter survivable only by those who are actively preparing for it. I am preparing for the alternative facts of human survival despite this blunder.

Do not confuse the Golden Rule with pie-in-the-sky naiveté . Treat others as you would have them treat you is not pacifism. If you slap me I will slap you back. Harder if possible so as to deter you from slapping me again. But I will not goad you into slapping me. I will not push you and dare you to slap me. I will ask you why do you want to slap me? What are the issues? How can we resolve this animosity?

Often times these questions reveal the true nature of a person. If theirs is a will for domination and supremacy, the mask of humanity slips revealing the ungainly monster beneath. The chimera at a dark soul's nadir. That is not the better angel of our nature.



Saturday, February 4, 2017

No Apocalypse In Our Time

I have always wanted to start a movement. Do something worthy of calling myself a human being. I am always being asked to join movements, and I have, in spirit and in body, joined many.

Now I think I have an idea and I would like my friends to weigh in on it.

There are those now holding very powerful seats in our government who firmly believe the world needs “cleansing,” and that this cleansing must be violent. I can’t disagree more. It is the lazy man’s way out of the myriad problems facing our planet.

If the apocalypse is to come, it must either come from nature, or from God. Men who have stacked the deck with well stocked fall-out bunkers are not the “meek” and they must not engineer catastrophe to end life as we know so as to re-shape the world in their image. These men are playing God. They are preying on circumstances and fear to start as many fires as they can. For some, that asteroid or super, colossal, destructive storm cannot come soon enough to prove their theories of creation. I am advocating that we make them wait for divine intervention and not take it upon themselves to rid the world of their perceived scourges.

This movement seems silly. “No Apocalypse In Our Time” sees like a thing beyond the control of most ordinary people.

But if we do not wise up to the long term end game of this government, there will be no tomorrow.

I have no doubt my alarm will be drowned out by a chorus of laughter and boos by the ignorant and unimaginative. I hope they are correct. I am ringing it anyway.

Signs of the Approaching Apocalypse:

1. A White Supremacist sits on the National Security Council of the most powerful country on Earth.

2. Laws regulating the sale of weapons to the mentally ill are reportedly being repealed.

3. Protections designed to keep people safe are threatened in many different areas. From the FDA to the EPA, to Education, there is a shift of balance from the masses, to the elites. The few are dictating the future to the many. That, to me, seems like the antithesis of democracy.

As Thomas Paine so aptly put it, and I may be paraphrasing here, the opposite of democracy is tyranny.

So my motto now is: No Apocalypse In Our Time.

It’s just Common Sense. Who is with me?