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Thursday, July 14, 2011

John "Jack" P. Meade Way

One of the very best things to ever happen to me was when I met Jack Meade at Apprenticeship Training in the Bronx a long time ago. Jack showed me one opportunity after another in the trades. It was he who suggested I put my resume in with the Building Department. Jack was instrumental in helping me obtain my Site Safety License, my evening trade school teachers certificate and so much more. If Jack could help someone, he would and he did. He was tireless and selfless. Many times we would meet in ECB Court and we would be the only two inspectors there. We would shoot the breeze about the old days. I heard someone say it has been a year and a half since his passing. It seems like yesterday. His street was re-named in his honor. The ceremony was well attended by Jack's many friends and family. Also attending were the Boro President of Staten Island and representatives from City Councilman James Oddo's office.

Jack was a member of so many organizations, but I will always remember him as a Labor Leader of the highest order, a superb craftsman, and a diligent inspector. Jack my friend, I hardly knew ye. Born on Saint Patrick's Day, Jack was all Irish/American, all the time. He had a smile on his face always. He will not be forgotten.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A View From the Game

This is the view from Staten Island of the ever expanding skyline of Manhattan. The new World trade center is rising just to the left of the flag. We had an awesome time at the game, the SI Yankees came back to beat the Brooklyn Cyclones in extra innings. everything was cool and gravy until they forgot to tell us the boat back to Whitehall would be early so we missed it and had to wait in the ferry terminal for an hour or more. Not like that hasn't happened a million times before. Still don't like it. Anyway...can't complain. The sight of the city gleaming and rising, thriving and changing despite all that has taken place with war and economic downturns...oh say, did you see, that star spangled banner...still waving over the land of the free...

Wee Wee Hours

This is a first. I am blogging from the Emergency Operations Center this AM. To all my loyal fans: The City is all quiet at the moment. I was just reading my archive and see that I have been slacking. I used to blog a lot more. I am never sure how I am being received. Nobody ever comments and I get a little discouraged.

I took last week off from writing. I am itching to get back at it. Hopefully blogging from the iPad will rejuvenate the experience since now I can do it where ever I can get wifi.

My main character is a lot like me. Except tall, dark and handsome. He is also sometimes at a loss for the write stuff at the right time. I am listening to the mice squeal. All is quiet this summer morning.

So last week zero pages, but proofed some copy with the help of God and two friends I will get by...time to listen to some Grateful Dead.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taking a Break...for a Beer and a Dog

Happy 4th of July everyone. We celebrate freedom with a trip to Yankee Stadium...on Staten Island of course...that affordable alternative to...HOLY COW I THINK HE'S GONNA MAKE IT!...NY YANKEE BASEBALL in the big ball yard in Da Bronx. Not that I have stopped my page done today plus and now stand at 61,975 words and 148 single spaced pages!!! moving right along to the finish line. For those of you who want to know more about the story it's about an investigator whose case leads him back to his home town and the very house in which he grew up in his old neighborhood. It is filled with suspense, excitement and nostalgia.

The photograph is from a trip to Wrigley Field...go Cubbies...not to worry, I still like the Mets (except when they play the Yankees)...and a trip ti Citi Field is being planned for later this year with Eric and Stew...stay tuned...