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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Greenville, April, Not So Cruel...

I have been very busy of late. Working on making time, spending time working on making a home in Greenville.  A place in Eastern North Carolina named after the revolutionary war hero Nathaniel Greene.

Green grass, green leaves and pine needles. Tar Heels and Tar River, National Champs of the NCAA.

Much has changed since my last post. Political shifts, Trump using the "powder" Obama saved for him. Bannon bansihed from the NSC. Is there hope for us yet? We will see.

Last night we went into Lil' Washington to see the ECU 5th Street Players production of  "New Brain" and it was absolutely lovely. A good solid piece of theatre produced, directed and performed by the talented and well trained students of East Carolina University's School of Theater and Dance.

Spring is sprining here. There is peace upon the flood plain.

Wake up


Parts of me long sleeping
like temporary death.
Sleep as in a dreaming
of being.

to my dream of a talking
sounding out my lovers words:

“There’s Rosemary. That’s for remembrance.
Pray you, love, remember.”



How to move.
Move boughs and limbs long
frozen still
by winter’s chill.

Move upon March wind.
Slowly uncoil and emerge.
Stretch. Unfurl.
Breathe incensed scented air once more.

Be born.

Again, and again


Again, April.