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Thursday, August 23, 2018


Once upon a time, in America, it was a great source of pride to remember one's heritage, our roots, the springs from whence we came. This sentimental nostalgia comes from acknowledgment of those who came before; sacrificing so that we here, now, can enjoy bounty.

When labels define us, we are no longer us. We become other. And as other-ed, we become less, and as less we are deemed not human. That makes it easy for atrocities to take place.

I was told a story today about a young man who "came out" as a Republican. As if that was something to be ashamed of, by the way, it is not. No one should be ashamed of what they think. Deeds are shameful, wicked deeds are criminal. But to be a member of a political party is one of the things that is great about America. We have the freedom to disagree, and to criticize, and to argue our points.

In frustration, labels are slapped on a person so they no longer matter. So their point of view is not to be considered, their complaints, words, fears, passions, no longer heard. This is wrong. It always has been. And always will be.

Republicans matter. Democrats matter. People matter. Life matters.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

VOX - My 100 Words for Today

 VOX, a book I have yet to read. As I feel we already live in a dystopian society, I feel no urgency to do so. A 100 word premise is one I would like inflicted on some powerful personages currently able to bully people with their tweets.

Here, I get to say what I want, but I have to employ self-censorship. 

Speak frankly without offense? People seem to take straight talk straight to the gutter. Speaking one's mind is no longer an exercise in civic discourse, but an invitation to war. Honesty is endangered. Does it have to be brutal?


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Today I am accepting a challenge to post 10 books in ten days on Facebook, no review, no explanation. Today is day seven and I am posting the Hobbit to represent all the works by JRR Tolkien.