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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

The Alpha and the Omega of my all time favorite character. Here I am the Satyr making a plaster mold in performance of a woman's petite breast. Here what follows is the finished sculpture. Fond memories of the Harper Gallery in Tribeca. My friend Paul continues to battle his illness with the help of his Mystical companion Marcy. My thoughts are with them both during this difficult time. Were I there with him today I would wrap Rebhan in bandages and gauze and parade him around to trick-or-treat on a hand-truck, selling tickets to those who wish to see the Mummy come to life! Haunted indeed. Wishing everyone a spiritual and fun All Hallows Eve. Paul Rebhan is a Saint who marched into my life ages ago. I am forever grateful for my friends.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Anger

People often misinterpret Anger. They think it bad to get angry, to be mad about something. Yet Anger is a very ancient and essential human emotion. It's the way in which we get angry that can be destructive and hurtful. Try to think of all the good anger can do. When we get angry about injustice laws can be made or changed, when we get angry about incompetence, people can be called into account. Anger is on the 7 stages of grief.


Frustration gives way to anger...

The worst thing we can do about Anger is to hide it, bottle it up until the pressure becomes too great and then...POP! We explode in a rage. Face your Anger. Embrace it, for our Anger is trying to inform us. As with all emotions it must be examined from a place of no judgment, no fear, no bias, so we can give our Anger an opportunity to express itself in a positive way.

What do you think Edvard Munch is expressing in his seminal painting? Many say Angst, I say: Anger. Anger need not be ugly nor counter-productive. We need it to survive, to change things, especially ourselves. Some of the greatest gifts we both give and receive are those of forgiveness for our loved ones whom have vented their Anger on us. We have all been there, all been frustrated by seemingly immovable objects and facts of life too terrible to bear. Anger makes us human for it is almost always rational. Always rooted in some tangible thing. Getting to the root is the journey. Be aware of Anger, the how and the why, there is much wisdom in it. MDR

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Witches, Bitches!

A Bitchin' evening with Shakespeare's Witches and some of his Bitches! Great effort by the American Bard Theater Company. Scenes having to do the macabre and death, perfect for this time of year, opened last night with a ghoulish bang. The group, dedicated to First Folio technique, which they gladly illuminate through out a selection of scenes from the Bard to Mamet while relishing in elocution and enunciation, phrasing and pacing to a delightful degree of professionalism.

Stand-outs include Cheri Wicks as Julius Caesar's cautious spouse Calphurnia, Damon Kinard as Othello, Jacob Troy as Mamet's evil Edmond, and Betina Joly as Jose Rivera's Marisol.

Directed by Raven Peters, the players seamlessly meld this material by way of the Scottish Play's Weird Sisters alternatively performed at one time or another by each of the eleven member ensemble with devilish glee. A good way to kick off the Halloween week long festivities. Don't miss it tonight. Check out: also on Face Book and Twitter.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Walt Whitman and Levi's

"Pioneers! O pioneers!" I'd heard these words before, now echoing from my television speakers as black and white images of young people having fun in high definition paraded across the screen. I had heard those words before, and instinctively I went to my bookshelf to my last remaining copy of a text from college, my long held paper back copy, pages now yellow with age, my blue BIC pen notes still in its margins, "Leaves of Grass" by the great, great grandfather of American poetry Walt Whitman and sure enough there it was on page 229 of the 1973 Norton Critical edition. Then I looked across to another book shelf of ours and saw our copy of "Poetry Speaks" and thought hang on a moment. Could that actually be Uncle Walt speaking those lines? Low and behold, not "Pioneers! O pioneers!" but an excerpt from "America" was contained there-in which I then heard on another similar ad featuring a half submerged sign AMERICA, along with black and white images of young people having fun in high definition. The significance? The meaning? Let there be no doubt, they are trading on the nostalgia of America, of the genuine article, of the true blue tried and true. Though the authenticity of the actual recording is in doubt, that never stood in the way of a good ad campaign. Now Levi's makes no claim that the recordings are authentic nor that the poet is even Whitman. Yet I am happy these long cherished words are finding a wider audience probably not even aware of their historical significance, just as many are ignorant of America's historical significance. Poetry for mass consumption has not traditionally been well received. Let's see if Levi's sales improve!

On another note, speaking of college and the real thing, Paul has gone through round two of chemo. Still in the hospital, and my thoughts are still with him.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a Beautiful Day for Baseball

I'm just saying... of course there was no baseball played anywhere today, not professional baseball, not MLB, not play-offs. No World Series. Take note Bud, take note of the icy breath of Phillies and Rockies OVER THE WEEKEND. At night. In the Rocky Mountains! You better pray it's an all Los Angeles series Bud. Otherwise you may be looking at a postponement of the World Series until...SPRING!

On another, more serious note, Paul is back for round two of the chemo. Lets all wish him a better experience than last time. Our good thoughts are with you pal.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

After September on sale NOW

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Thank you all for your support. The marketing campaign is about to begin in soon as I can figure out what marketing is, means, does...

This is me just hanging around near the top of the Empire State Building.

Friday, October 2, 2009


October...and the trees are stripped bare...of all they wear...U2

It seems September flew by. What with the fire, the bathroom retro-fit, my friend being deathly ill, I never got to write about my dad at all. On the 8th of September, the day marking one year since his death...I was up to my elbows in soot and bleach trying to clean out our place from the aforementioned disruptions. Hard work always makes me think of him. So he was on my mind, even if I did not get a chance to sit down and watch the video. In a way "After September" is all about moving on from grief, getting present with the most each precious moment of our lives, however seemingly mundane, has to offer, to teach, to share. Here's to you Paul, thank you for believing in me and for having the strength to get better! Here's to you daddy. We will never forget.