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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday. Blog Day.

Random Ransom Photos from the gallery on this last Sunday of June. When the month started I was's history.

So much sad news, so much glad news, can one be happy and still have the blues?
So much much it a matter of just what we choose?

I've fallen down on the job of keeping up with my blog,
don't know which way is up around here anymore

For now my woman is home, but soon we will roam
back to lake south land central Florida shore

Mid summer is here, a time for festival and cheer
and remembrance of all we hold dear

Happy Summer.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


To quote Mayor Bloomberg
"'s awards season..."
Normally we are responding to emergencies where we meet our fellow New Yorkers on what's probably the worst day of their lives. Their homes have been destroyed by some catastrophe...or worse, and we are there in the immediate aftermath, summoned by the Police or Fire Departments or the Office of Emergency Management to do what we do: Provide initial Structural Stability Assessments, determine safe and lawful occupancy, or begin to investigate construction accidents. On June 5th at historic Cooper Union, we paused as a department and gave thanks to those who perform their jobs with excellence. It was a happy day for guys and gals who tend to go unnoticed because the bulk of our work is done only when everyone else has gone home. Even if the event itself makes the news, what we do behind the scenes seldom comes to the fore. Yet the Commissioner, and the Selection Committee saw fit to award the EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM of NYC Buildings with the Team Award for Excellence. Congratulations all. Well deserved. Now get back to work.