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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Tale of Two Springs...

This is the set of No Exit produced by the Pearl back in March. It seemed for a while there would be no exit from Winter. This first poem deals with that.


Opening day

The calendar indicates
Vernal dis-equinox
has passed--

but Spring is still south
as tresses of willow trees
have yet to tumble

Daffodils are lonely
and confused by cold
and cloud

This Winter, like an
unwanted guest
has failed to recognize

the significance
of a pineapple on
the bed.

Now that the weather seems to have finally turned mild,our separation is more keenly felt. 

Beyond Bitter

Well there's poetry in the air
of bars and cafes
in Brooklyn

I sit there and Sample
the fare
by simply breathing it in

When bitterness blends
with tender ends of sweetness
then twilight mingles
with blue sky

and I think of my love and
the thousand miles
between us

what she's feeling 
right now