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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"But this is More than Winter..."

The frosting on the fire balcony
in silence stares
Court Street is clear this year
The plows can get through
The private carters too
Though they cannot find the bags of trash
Stashed under fresh
White snow

A new aura is added
To the street lights glow
For a moment
New York is not so hectic

For a moment
we must get present
With what Nature is

Reminded of the fact that
We adapt to our world
Not the other way

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Bitterly Cold Night

The city is encased in ice, but the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets are ready to fly. Let's hope their access to the Super Bowl is NOT denied by the Steelers and their Super Pride. New York (and New Jersey) is along for the ride! Let's hope that we can turn the tide, it's been far too long since the Jets were IN.


SCOTT BROOKS, and the cast of

Screen Play now on stage off-Broadway.

BREAK LEGS BUDDY...may this be the first of many grand victories for you. Onward...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Long Winter...Just Started...

Kitty has discovered the planter. He is now showing off his ability to light upon this perch. It is snowing outside, an elderly man just slipped and fell on school property across the street and an ambulance had to come.

My cough persists, but thanks to some warmed Bourbon and well wishes from you my friends I got a decent nights sleep (thanks NyQuil). I feel a bit better today. Regardless I am going to work tomorrow for my all day Saturday tour. The last time I worked all day Saturday with the pager we vacated half a building...they were all back in for Christmas!Let's see what tomorrow brings.

It feels like a long winter already and we are only just getting started. Take heart my light deprived North Eastern neighbors, we can get through this together.

Holy salt-spreader Batman, I thing I hear a plow outside! Nope, just a front end loader dragging a steel plate along Court Street. Go figure. Snow not even sticking.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011



I have not been out of it this year. New Years day I woke up with the infamous "cough" that everyone is talking about.

I have done everything, EVERYTHING the doctor said:

rest,hydration,no antibiotics...and it's been a freaking week, feels like a month and now I want to feel better.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

January 1st 2011. Yes, that is the world famous Times Square Ball. We were perched in an adjacent building on a unrelated matter yesterday at work and saw them testing it in the bright December morning sunshine.

New Years Day. Always a time to reflect on what has resolutions will not be to lose weight or some such non-sense, but to face the challenges that loom before us in the coming year. Most notably: relocation. Will I be sitting in this seat next year at this time? Dr. Mobley is on with her job search and none of the prospective Universities on her list include a one in the five boroughs of New York City. So where does that leave this life-long City boy? On the road my friends, to a new life somewhere far from here. Will this transition be swift? Will it be slow? Stay tuned for the blow-by-blow. I will be keeping my camera handy and doing my best to document the good-bye tour. As the old Jackson Browne song goes..."Maybe the hardest thing I've ever done...was to walk away from you..."

OK enough of the last things I did in 2010 was make a donation to the World Trade Center Memorial. I have promised all the proceeds from the sales of my two books of poetry...not the profits, mind you, but all the proceeds, are to be donated to the Memorial. So if you have not yet ordered your copy of "After September", do so soon. Or make a direct donation to the Memorial so that future generations will remember what happened there.

Thank you all for your continued interest in my life and for periodically stopping by to check in on me. If I have one resolution it will be to contribute more content to this page. May you and yours have a bright and fruitful 2011 and enjoy the bounty of our times.