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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Swoon

As June ends and Summer begins in earnest I can't help but think how beautiful a photograph this is. The back-back, the skate board, and the Yankee cap tell one story, but the music emanating from this young man by way of his piano playing was absolutely sublime. Moments after I snapped the picture his cell phone rang and he was off to another "appointment" reminding me of just how fleeting life is and how it is important to take a moment to simply get present with the wonder of it all. The Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, in his infinite wisdom has scattered pianos all over town inviting players to play to the delight of everyone. NYC is a summer place when the nights hum with the electricity of the streets, people are out of doors walking, running, kayaking in the Hudson, riding bikes, and skate boarding or lounging in a cafe or sidewalk bistro. Life is being lived to the fullest by residents and visitors alike. It reminds me of why I am desperately in love with my home town and take great pride in the privilege of serving her.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Have A Doctor in the House!

The final flourishes on a celebration that started when Jennifer-Scott Mobley completed her graduate work back in March of this year culminated with Commencement ceremonies at Avery Fisher hall last night. I am so proud of her achievement. Congratulations on a job well done and a degree well earned. To my wife: All of our love and your hard work combined to make this moment, thank you for sharing your life with me.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A New Month

Time flies when you are having fun and fortunately for us, we didn't fly anywhere over the long weekend, but instead drove "home". Take me home country roads. There is nothing that evokes more a feeling of Freedom as when you get in your car and drive. I don't care if it's down the block or across the country. When we got frustrated by flight delays for a trip we had planned, we chucked the trip and chose instead to visit family in Virgina, and that turned out to be a tonic for city weary workers like Jennifer and I. We paddled, we ate, we shopped, we strolled our favorite haunts in Billy Burg and had a fantastic time with Jen's parents. Looking forward to more of the same later on in the summer. Ciao for now. Here's howling at the moon with you...