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Thursday, August 30, 2012 Last?

SO here it is...Labor Day...and finally I get to rest a little bit from our labors of this past summer, such a sad phrase, past summer. But it did, it went by so quickly and without one visit to the beach or even the batting cage. June flew as we did to find an apartment in Orlando, July we drove back and forth in the first phase of our big, adventurous move, August we drove back to Florida where truck and wife currently reside. Now I have returned to my new work-a-day life sequestered like a monk? Mostly. I bought a bike so I could commute back and forth to work weekends and nights when they are working on the subway system. In the process I hope to eliminate some 10 to 15 unwanted pounds of flesh doggedly hanging on in various parts of my body. The other day I rode to Greenpoint, today I will explore Red Hook, the other night I went to see a friend's band. In the waning moments of this summer season with a blue moon on the horizon, I will attempt to salvage something of fun in the sun. After all, the real end of summer isn't till the Autumnal Equinox in mid-September. And its always summer in Florida! Where I will be heading early and often to see my baby!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Thudding bass, crashing drums, and crunching electric guitar all led by sultry lead vocals spun tales of Hero-ica last night in the back room at Pianos on Ludlow Street. A hero's journey into the dark forbidden places of the mind and back again ensued. The tight two-some performed songs from their debut EP QUANTUM CALLING to an appreciative crowd of world travelers. A hypnotic voice put the room into trance as we were carried along on poetry and music influenced by such acts as Radiohead and Alice in Chains.

The set opened with a perfect rendition of Heaven and Hell and we never looked back. DAKAI is working its live act in preparation for the October 5th EP release party at The TRASH Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Greetings From Winter Park

Hello my friends, just checking in. It has been a long busy week. We have successfully set up house in Florida. Jen has completed her week of orientation and next week classes start. And we part. I come back to NYC to work. She stays here and begins her work as a professor of theater and dance at Rollins. And I continue work for the DOB.

I know couples do thiis Long Distance thing all the time. But it is new to us. Last night we stayed up past 1am listening to Bruce Springsteen and talking about the future. We are pretty tight, so this is going to be hard. Looking forward to the support of my friends and family as we navigate the new situation. Also looking for outlets for my art. Adversity gets my creative juices flowing, writing and perhaps performing are activities I will use to fill the void. I think I dread the thought of performing more than being separated from my wife. I've heard the we should do things we are afraid to do. I am terrified. But I feel very much alive. And I really like it here in Orlando. This change needed to come, we were both stagnating in Brooklyn. Florida is a new chapter, a new beginning, a new apartment, a new couch! So stay in touch as the story unfolds.

Thanks for listening .

Ransom , over and out.