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Monday, September 28, 2015

A Hershey's Kiss for You.

Yesterday I slipped on a pair of jeans I had not worn for quite a while. In the change pocket on my hip I found a little ball of foil wrappers from Hershey’s candy Kisses. There’s only one place it could have come from, and that is my mom’s place.

My mother maintained a crystal candy dish full of all the different incarnations of that candy Kiss. My favorite is the original, of course. I could not resist, on my visits there where she would comment on my growing beer belly and express her concern over my health. What she really didn’t like is the look of me growing older. None the less I would help myself to a candy Kiss or four whenever I was there. The ones with the almond centers were good too.

One of the best memories of my mom is when she took us to Pennsylvania to Hershey Park. I was maybe four or five at the time. I remember the factory where they made those delicious chocolate bars of my youth. We also went to visit some relatives on a farm and I was placed on the first of many horses I would perch upon. Later I would get all spooked by a bull and fall right into a cow pie as I ran from the corral where it was penned. I ran toward my mom only to be intercepted by my laughing great uncle who redirected me to a hose bib where he helped me wash up.

Good times.

All wrapped up in a tiny little ball of candy wrapping foil.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Devil's Lash

…expression of thought and emotion here…goes… I wrote this the other day at work. I had a tune in my head, not original, and worked with that for cadence and rhythm. It is based partly on Johnny Cash’s rendition of “I Hung My Head” and on a pretty girl from my past who worked in the mornings around the corner from General Restoration's industrial South Bronx shop. 

She was engaged to be married to this beautiful man, it’s the only way I know how to describe him. Good natured, good looking, both young, their whole lives ahead of them. Unfortunately and tragically, the young man was killed in a motorcycle accident. Rumor had it that there may have been some intent involved. I never got the full story as I was a casual customer. We drove on Gun Hill Road Sunday, inspiration sparked, the muse began to speak, I took out my phone, and over the course of the day I tapped out the first draft of another morality, biblical type song/poem:

The Devils Lash

Her eyes would glow
Bright with delight
Whenever Beau
Was in her sight

That she was smitten
All could see
Deep in my gut
I wished it was me

I thought if I showed her
She'd understand
Clearly to know me
Was to want my hand

When I saw him on Gun Hill
I had my chance
That's where I first felt
The Devils Lash.

He gave me no problem
No reason to fear
Unaware that his judgement
Was waiting right here

There he was kneeling
By his broken down bike
My tires squealing
As I swerved to the right

Hi-beams were blinding
He was gone in a flash
Once again feeling
The Devil's Lash

There she was grieving
I would go to her now
A shoulder for weeping
Then soon take our vow

But the light in her blue eyes
Completely went out
And no matter how I tried
She clung to his shroud

Then the weight of what I'd done
Fell on my head
We'd never be happy
Never be wed

She'd never have children
Or see them have kids
She'd never know joy again
Or grow old with him

Now I'm just waiting
An empty shell
A wraith for the taking
To the gates of hell

Where all is forsaken
In heaps of brimstone and ash
I'll be tied to a stake and
Given the Devils Lash

On Gun Hill
I made my stand
I cut him down
The good with bad

I took my stand
On Gun Hill
The Devil laughing
He's laughing still

For it was there

On Gun Hill

I chose to kill

Monday, September 14, 2015

Daddy- 1930-2008

Been so busy lately I have not had time to properly write about dad. I think of him every day and I miss him so much. I want to tell him about everything going on in my life.All the good things that have happened, all the trials and tribulations. He was so heroic to hold on for as long as he did, and my sister Susan no less heroic for the way she took such great care of him. It was through the efforts of her and our sisters Martie, Patty, and Joanne, that we had the joy of his presence in our lives for his last years.It does no good for me to look in the mirror for I see his face staring out at me. I think of him and mommy constantly. And what guides me is the faith I have that some how they know me, and what is going on with all the world moment to moment; and it's this faith which supports me. I feel their love and their guidance all around me as I ever try to do the right thing.

David on his horse Lucky

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor: Counting Blessings

Fortunate to have such things
About which to be sad.

Sun setting on summer
Winter soon be here
You are there

I am...not

We are separated
By miles and states
Missing each other
At the fall of the year

Yet our sorrow pales

For we have not drowned
Fleeing tyranny and war
Have not suffocated
Escaping poverty and famine
Or fallen victim
To worse atrocities


Fore Bearers
Brought our
Great Grandparents to this
So we could help build
A land of cities

That was
Before we learned
What happened
To the Human Beings
That the rat, plague
And cucaracha all
Came over on the
Nina, Pinta, and
Santa Maria
That below steel spires
And stone pavement
Is buried a history
Of our own

We are fortunate to be sad
About such things
About too much
To eat or drink
About what to do
With what we think
About the luxury
Of Love we share
About a conscious
Will and nature
To care

We are fortunate to be sad about...
Such things