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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Speaks louder than waves crashing
Than water. Falling
From a hundred miles
Than a fire spout
On a drought ravaged plain
A volcanic eruption
At the ocean floor

What's more
Silence pulls me deeper like a walking
Sleeper like a mountain
Steeper than sheer glass

Like silence is all
I can think of
All I can drink of
Drawing me in and down to the brink of

Dissolution reality intrusion insanity
Fusion of our

Silence is brutal
As it is beautiful
Deep and eternal
Silence infernal

Silence between silence
Silence without sound
Eyes darting away
Let's me know I'm down
Way down
On your list of things
You need to get to
I've let you get to me
To let me regret you

Silence does to me
What nothing else does to me. 
It serves to prove to me 
there's a darker place than 

Silence reminds me
There's still a mass of pain in me 
that festers never to let me be
something I. Can. See. Taking over

And now on the MARCH bouncing from bar to bar...
lines begin to blur...speech to slur...
I confer with a bottle of Jack 
and Mac and Johnnie Black...
sneak attack.

Did you say something?

Are you?

Are you talking?

Are you talking to ME?

Or is silence
stalking me
taunting me
wanting me

To set you free
That silence of yours


Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Low Moan of a Wounded Dog

Back when I was a boy
and we lived in that  House

With my sisters, and my mom, and
My Father

From time to time
I remember--there was a sound
emanating from somewhere
seeming far off

And it struck so deep
the way a particular
moment of music will

Some call it the soul
Others the Heart --
I say
Fissure of
Umbilical connection

To that place
from whence we came
to which
we inevitably shall

This Howl
haunts me now
even as then

When the moon is full
and city falls silent
just before the precipice
of another
Earthly day