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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Happy Solstice

Guggenheim Museum, NYC
Ransom notes on my tumultuous thoughts:

The status quo must be challenged. I get frustrated with polls that claim people over 40 are "set in their ways."

The status quo must be challenged, not with war, but with imaginative compromise (NOT a dirty word!) The state of a two party system that has folks digging in their heels in their respective camps is obsolete and self-destructive.

Why can't we take the best of both systems, combine and consolidate them and move forward? I ask this not as a liberal or conservative. Not a member of any association, club, political party, sect, cult, or religion. I ask this as a concerned citizen of the world.

These systems were invented by humans! They can be remade and evolve to meet present and future needs. Studying how this can be done effectively and efficiently must become our collective priority.

We must join hands--left and right, not in hopeful prayer, but in faith that we can do this. Together.

There is no taking arms against this rising sea of troubles. Winning and losing belong on fields of play in sports arenas and at the gambling table. The future is far too important for game playing.

Wishing all Joy and Peace

Mark D. Ransom

Saturday, December 7, 2019


We had to say goodbye to him, he was suffering so.
 It made us cry to have to let him go.
We poured a lot of love on him over the long long years.
Now we remember him
with laughter, song
And tears

This cat has soul. Wisdom. Above all he taught me about unconditional love the way cats only know.
 Back home to the land of his birth, North Carolina.

We had to let him go this week. He was suffering terribly with his IBS. Thank you all who took the time and got to know him. We thank you from the heart where this kitty will reside forever.