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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last week we went to a preview of ORLANDO presented by the Classic Stage Company as part of their Fall Season. Orlando is an adaptation of Virgina Woolf's novel of the same name where a young nobleman in the Elizabethan Court becomes a woman and travels forward through time. In this enchanting production adapted by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Rebecca Taichman and choreographed by Annie-B parson with an original score by Christian Frederickson, one is transported to a whimsical, fantastical world by the likes of Francesca Fairdany, Tom Nelis and David Greenspan (all worth the price of admission). In a contained spectacle the story telling commences straight away with movement, spoken-word-like poetry, and a sublimely beautiful reveal. The second act drags a tad when questions of existentialism are raised, but all in all well worth our time.

Speaking of Spoken-Word...

Last night we went to see Laurie Anderson at BAM. I had never seen the legendary artist in residence for NASA. I thought it high time. Introspective pieces about the nature of maternal relationships rendered into music for electric violin and bass sax accompanied by Colin Stetson and Eyvind Kang are augmented with evocative visual effects by Anderson and lighting by Rus Snelling. The rain on stage echoed the rain outside. "We die three times," Anderson says. Once when our heart stops, once when we are buried or cremated, and once the last time some one says our name.

Tonight: Angels in America.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Time To Remember

Nine years ago the world changed forever. I was lucky in so many ways. The job I had recently started went beyond being a vocation, and became a way for me to help New York City heal. Not all of us are altruistic, but to a person, those of us who worked for the city during those difficult days of mourning will never forget the unity and compassion shown by our friends and neighbors. When the quiet hours of early morning came and I watched workers on the pile diligently toiling to restore our sense of order, honor, and security, I felt the mighty sacrifice of all humanity in the name of decency and peace. Those men and women trapped in the deadly collapse are who I dedicate my service to, and to those simple New Yorkers they left behind in my care, I pledge my very best. Civil Servants are tough threads holding the fabric of our society together. To the members of the Armed Forces of the United States, the NYPD and the FDNY, OEM, HPD and all the city agencies with which we interface daily: "I thank the Lord for the people I have found." It is a privilege to serve with you and I thank you all for the opportunity to aid and comfort the citizens of this City.

Two years ago, on September 11th, 2008, we bid a final farewell to my father, David Jude Ransom, forever in my heart, always on my mind, the light of my conscience.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tony Noe "Chasing Better Days"

Meticulously composed, performed, and produced, this collection of songs and music brings Tony Noe’s recording artistry to a whole new level. Noe produced and arranged the music along with Vinnie Zummo on this ten song collection of emotionally charged material easily accessible to the listeners of our generation and beyond.

Stand out tunes include: Rescue written in response to the tragedy of 9/11, and honors the spirit of community with those who rush in where angles fear to tread. The irony of “no choice” is the powerful choice made to risk one’s own safety and well being in the service of others. With awe and reverence, Noe points to the foundation of our future resting on shoulders of those giants of the past including his own father who with “no hesitation in his moment of fear” risked it all for the promise of a better day.

Also a favorite is Forgive Me Mandolin twangs of Country and Blue Grass, lilting and steeped in folk traditions; this self-deprecating confession of ignorance at hurting someone unintentionally is a joy. Simply beautiful as the mandolins also pay homage to Italian country sides as well as Venetian cafes, the hills of Virginia and the city of Nashville. With the help of Karen Lee Larson’s violins, this is a delightful musical departure and a highlight of the CD.

Available now at CD, I give this collection 5 ***** Stars!