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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reunion: Me and My Old School

I was right in predicting there would be cousins I never met waiting for us there in Baltimore. Tanya was a complete surprise and I am so glad I met her and her two lovely daughters. The great thing about “family” is no matter how long you’ve been apart, when you finally get together, you pick up where you left off. I showed Jen my elementary school and the path I walked to where we once lived on Mayfield Avenue. I had not seen that route in years. That, in and of itself, does not compute. I don’t feel like I’m that old. I was very moved and touched at all the attention generated by my first book. It was great to see my sisters all in one place, my mother, her sisters and brothers, their children, and their children, first cousins and second cousins…in all four generations of the clan gathered for the best cookies on Earth!

Lots of theater news in the coming week including reviews of "Much Ado About Nothing" by the American Bard Theater and I am very excited to see "Girl Meat" by Howling Vic at the Brooklyn Art Exchange.

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Karen Lange said...

Good reminder to treasure these times. Picking up where you left off, so true, and comforting too. Just saw family, friends, and my fifth grade teacher at a funeral in NJ. Sad time, but good to see everyone.