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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My FRIEND, Paul Rebhan

Dear my friend, I know you can't read this, but know it is coming to you like prayers from a great distance, but it is as if you are right here with me. You have touched my life in a most profound way and we have always had a non-traditional friendship, an unconditional love between two human beings void of the garbage baggage of this world. My thoughts are with you in your great battle against the force that ravages your body and the chemical warfare you are waging against it which is just as toxic. I know you are on the brink because that is the strategy for this type of treatment. You are the bravest man I ever met. You have been the inspiration to me for the entire time I have known you, as if you were meant to deliver me from madness and narrow mindedness. Which you have done. I continue to practice on the Bubbles of Perception and try to know you and the world we inhabit not through interrogation but through interpretation. I am love. I am non-violent. I am a warrior for peace whose only weapons are my words. There was a time I doubted you, many, many years ago when we were young and I trusted no one. I thought your faith in me was patronizing at best. But after many years of watching you travel the world and do the things many people only dream of, I came to realize how blessed I was to have a person like you in my life to call me friend. You are my best friend. So it is difficult to be so removed from you right now, but this is not about your friends and our comfort, this is about yours. Know that we all pray for a peaceful and painless resolution to the conflict. I know you are in a place I could not dare to imagine, yet you inspire everyone you meet to imagine. You have changed the world for the better, and will continue to do so. Andy Kaufman got nothing on you kid.

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