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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hail and Well Met, (or Male and Hell Wet)

6/28/08 The Week

This is my wife singing me Happy Birthday. Isn’t she hot? The week I turn 50 brings so many changes. We have a new director at work. The training of new inspectors continues…meaning I’m working 78 to 80 hours a week minimum. To top it all off I have been made a member of the White Horse Theater Company and cast in their upcoming production of: Small Craft Warnings by Tennessee Williams. The play will see 16 performances this Fall in New York City. So, it seems not much is slowing down for the old man; not in the very least.


I want to run naked

And free

But I am bound

By these threads of propriety


You stand

Just beyond reach


Torturing me

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Near Death

6/8/08 WOW…Time…where does it go? Yesterday was the all day Saturday tour. I walked to work in the cool 63 degree morning. A fog of mist hung low on the horizon obscuring the new day from view. I felt thrown back to the time of Walt Whitman and so in the Whitman-esque style, I offer this to you my loyal loving followers:

Crossing Brooklyn Bridge

As I walked along

Brooklyn Bridge

Her gothic arches

By fog and mist

Obscured and dodged

I reach mid-span

Surrounded by

Neither city nor River

Standing on a plank

Over forever

With a playful spirit

Urging me

Across the steel

Nudging me to leap

Without note or word

Into the Void

T’was not the unknown

Stayed me, but knowledge

Of perplexed distress

And profound sadness

Caused to those

Left behind

So, I’ve chosen to return

And report

A ghostly ramp

Of the Gods


Hidden in plain sight

Awaiting us always

Inviting flight